CS REU Mentors

Professor Xanda Schofield

Xanda Schofield

Xanda Schofield is an assistant professor in computer science at Harvey Mudd College. Her passions are using tools from natural language processing for digital humanities and computational social science work, privacy in text models, and teaching about impact and ethics in all CS classes. Professor Schofield finished her PhD in computer science at Cornell University in 2019. Her doctoral work focused on understanding and improving latent variable models for analysis of real-world datasets by humanist and social science researchers. This work also included ideas on how to integrate privacy into machine-learning-aided data mining in NLP to protect individuals and ideas. Prior to starting her PhD at Cornell University, she received a B.S. (math and computer science) from Harvey Mudd College and worked for a short time on the search team at Yelp.

Professor Erin Talvitie

Erin Talvitie

Erin J. Talvitie is an associate professor of computer science at Harvey Mudd College. Professor Talvitie’s research interests center on the question of how to build artificial agents that can flexibly learn to behave competently in a wide variety of complex, high-dimensional environments. She primarily pursues this question through the lense of reinforcement learning, with a particular interest in model-based approaches. Prior to arriving at HMC in 2016, she received her BA at Oberlin College, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. She received her MS and PhD in computer science at the University of Michigan, after which she joined the faculty at Franklin & Marshall College where she was a founding member of a new Department of Computer Science and co-creator of a new CS major curriculum. She enjoys teaching beginning and intermediate CS courses as well as advanced courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning and theoretical computer science.

Professor George MontaƱez

George Montanez

George D. MontaƱez is the Iris and Howard Critchell Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College. He holds a PhD in machine learning from Carnegie Mellon University, an MS in computer science from Baylor University and a BS in computer science from the University of California-Riverside. Prof. George previously worked in industry as a data scientist (Microsoft AI+R), software engineer (Prestige Software), and web developer (360 Hubs, Inc.). His current research explores why machine learning works from a search and dependence perspective, and identifies information constraints on general search processes. He is the director of the AMISTAD Lab.

Professor Lucas Bang

Lucas Bang

Lucas Bang is an assistant professor of computer science at Harvey Mudd College. He obtained his PhD in computer science from The University of California, Santa Barbara.