CRPT Summer Update from Tom Donnelly

Dear Community,

As described in Lisa Sullivan’s email of June 8, the Core Review Planning Team (CRPT) has been charged to lead the upcoming review of the college’s core curriculum. We are writing to update you on some of our summer efforts and to let you know what we are organizing for the upcoming academic year.

This summer, we are:

  • Creating a survey on the community’s views of the core, to be administered to alumni (summer) and faculty/students/staff (early fall).
  • Collecting information and data that will inform community discussions of the core this fall as well as the self-study being created for the external review.
  • Coordinating with the Faculty Executive Committee to schedule meetings this fall that will address the core curriculum and include all college constituencies (faculty/students/staff/alumni).
  • Working with the Dean of Faculty, Lisa Sullivan, to assemble the external review team.
  • Beginning a self-study document that will be used in our external review of the core, which will take place November 13-15.
  • Organizing a strategic planning session that will take place early in the spring of 2018 and include all college constituencies.
  • Working closely with ASHMC representatives and the AABOG leadership.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to:

Tom Donnelly, [faculty]
Julia Wang ( or
Marissa Lee ( [students]
Laura Palucki Blake ( [staff]
David Sonner ( [alumni]

On behalf of the CRPT,

Tom Donnelly