Charge to the Core Review Planning Team (CRPT)

According to the HMC Guidelines for Program Reviews, every program review will be led by a director who is responsible for convening and leading a program review committee. For the review of the Core, the program review committee will be the Core Review Planning Team (CRPT).

1. External Reviewers. The program review committee will create a list of 6-8 potential reviewers, including contact information and brief statements explaining the rationale for each selection. Suggestions regarding the composition of the list may be found in the HMC Program Review Guidelines.

After the Dean of Faculty has approved the list, the review committee and director will choose the list of invitees. Invitations issue from the Dean of Faculty.

2. Self-study. The CRPT is responsible for creating a self-study report that it will deliver to the Dean of Faculty and external reviewers no later than two weeks prior to the external visit. The report should:

  1. Contain an assessment of past performance (including previous studies like those prepared by the Wabash consultants, the Assessment and Accreditation Committee, the Core Working Group, the CalTech consultants)
  2. Gather and lay out existing departmental level goals and learning outcomes related to the Core (departmental program reviews; previous work by the Assessment and Accreditation Committee)
  3. Synthesize and analyze existing data in key areas such as: student performance in Core courses; Core workload for students and faculty; relationship of Core courses to the College mission; student preparation for Core courses, etc.
  4. Reflect on the state of current overarching goals of the Core. A strategic visioning exercise will take place early in the fall to help generate consensus goals for the Core. We expect that these goals will inform the external review as well as any possible reforms of the Core.

The CRPT may also undertake any other studies that they deem relevant to the program review.

3. Interactions with the HMC Community

  1. The committee will report regularly to DCC, FEC, ASHMC, and AABOG
  2. The committee will create an avenue for receiving communications from all HMC constituents
  3. The committee will share the self study and the report of the external review team with all HMC constituents

4. Visit. The Program Review Committee plans the external visit

  1. With assistance from the Dean of Faculty’s office, the Review Committee schedules relevant interactions for the external reviewers including with relevant professors, administrators, and students
  2. All members of the Review Committee meet with the external review team during the visit.

The work of the CRPT will begin in June 2017 and conclude following the external review visit. The director of the review will conduct regular meetings with the review committee throughout that time period on a schedule appropriate for the tasks at hand.