Ben Huppe ’14 Memorial Internship for a Sustainable World

The Ben Huppe ’14 Memorial Internship for a Sustainable World was established by Maggie Lewis and Bob Huppe in honor and memory of their son, Ben, to honor his passion for science and technology and the role it plays in improving the environment and/or bringing technical solutions to underserved populations both domestically and internationally. The internship should involve direct, hands-on work in areas such as renewable energy, green technologies, environmental sustainability and/or the use of technology to solve problems of under-served populations. The stipend award is up to $5,500 and meant to help offset incidental expenses (travel, housing, commuter costs, etc.)


  • Unpaid or low-paying internship (a total of $1,000 or less)
  • Minimum of 240 hours of supervised work (equivalent of 6 weeks/40 hours/week)
  • Domestic or international companies (small- to medium-sized) or non-profit organizations

Examples of internships:

Monday Motor Bikes

Monday Motorbikes strives to provide an attractive alternative mode of urban transportation through an electric motorcycle that has positive environmental and economic impact; reducing carbon emissions and as electricity is much cheaper than gas per mile.

Promoting Transportation Justice for Claremont’s ‘Invisible Cyclists

The organization’s mission is to assess the state of Claremont’s active transportation infrastructure in order to share its findings with community leaders and ultimately promote public awareness and infrastructure improvement.

Code for Humanity

The mission of Code For Humanity is to use code to empower the people of Nosy Be, Madagascar to use web development so that they are able to advertise their businesses. This goal has blossomed into a mission of helping the people of Nosy Be achieve economic autonomy through code by being able to do freelance work.