Global Clinic: Information for University Partners

We invite universities from outside the U.S. who have strong programs in science, engineering, and mathematics to consider partnering with our Global Clinic program.

Please contact Colleen Coxe, senior director of corporate relations, at for more information.

Benefits of Global Clinic Partnership

By participating in Global Clinic, your students will:

  • Complete a challenging, real-world, technical project for a Sponsor
  • Work cross-culturally with students at Harvey Mudd College and with the Sponsor
  • Develop project management and communication skills

Program Structure and Timeline

The projects run from September through May, following Harvey Mudd College’s academic calendar. Harvey Mudd College and the University Partner each commit a team of 3 or 4 advanced students and a faculty advisor to the project. The faculty advisor guides the students in a supervisory capacity only; research, writing, and development of deliverables are to be performed only by the student members of the team. The Sponsor contributes a liaison to provide domain expertise and ensure the team’s approach is consistent with the Sponsor’s objectives. The Sponsor retains all intellectual property rights and work products.

Each team works in parallel on their own campus for much of the year, holding weekly teleconferences involving both teams and the Sponsor’s liaison. Additionally, each team makes a one-week visit during the academic year to work closely with the partner team at the other location. Each student commits to spending at least 10 hours per week on the project during the academic year.

We begin recruiting projects 6 – 12 months in advance:

  • Fall, Winter, Spring: Contact potential sponsors and university partners, gather project ideas
  • March to June: Prepare brief project statement, execute business agreement with Sponsor, execute memorandum of understanding with University Partner
  • July: Project statement and business agreement due
  • August: Post project statement for students and assign teams
  • 1st Week of Class (late August/early September): Projects start
  • 1st Tuesday in May: Projects Day concludes the project

University Partner Obligations

  • Team selectionThe University Partner will provide a team of at least three undergraduate students nearing completion of their degree, and one supervising faculty member.
  • Commitment: The students commit to working no less than 10 hours per week over the two-semester duration of the project, from mid-August through mid-May.
  • Financial obligations: The University Partner is responsible for equipment and supplies used by the team at their location, transportation expenses incurred by their own students and faculty, and lodging and food when the HMC students and faculty make their site visit. A portion of the sponsorship fee is shared with the University Partner to offset these costs.