Past Clinic Projects, Page 3

Project Department Year
Mapping the Disparate Effects of California’s Prop 13 Computer Science TechEquity Collaborative 2021–22
Low Latency Telemetry Pipeline Mathematics Tempus Ex 2021–22
Improvement of the Radiator’s Cooling Capability of Fuel Cell Trucks Engineering Toyota 2021–22
Anomaly Detection in High-Performance Trading Systems Computer Science Tradeweb 2021–22
Warehouse Slotting Optimization Mathematics UNIS LLC 2021–22
Making Software Defined Radio on Heterogeneous Computing Systems Easy(-ier) Engineering Viasat 2021–22
Algorithmic Graph Clustering of Schemas using Table Metadata Computer Science Alation 2020–21
Sleep Stage Study Engineering Alfred Mann Foundation 2020–21
CV Based Audio Data Location Tagging Engineering Amazon Lab126 2020–21
Identifying Small-Business Owners from Transactional Spend Data Computer Science American Express 2020–21
Arctic Ice Project Deployment Method Investigation Engineering/Global Arctic Ice Project 2020–21
A More Reliable and Less Traumatic Swab for COVID-19 Testing Engineering City of Hope 2020–21
Perfecting the Ureteral Stent Engineering City of Hope 2020–21
Kafka Consumer Simulation and Scaling Computer Science CrowdStrike 2020–21
Helping Teachers Author Interactive Online Classroom Activities Mathematics Desmos 2020–21
Autonomous Path Planning Engineering Doosan Bobcat 2020–21
Concierge App Computer Science Estée Lauder Companies 2020–21
The Factor Programming Language: Web 2020 Computer Science Factor Programming Language 2020–21
Electronic Fill Valve for SMART Toilets Engineering Fluidmaster 2020–21
Detecting Patterns of Defects in the Manufacture of Integrated Circuits Computer Science Galaxy Semiconductors Intelligence 2020–21