Past Clinic Projects, Page 2

Project Department Year
A Drone System for Diverting Large Pests: Exploring the Possibility of Cloudifiers in Our Homes Computer Science HMC INQ 2021–22
Expanding Enrollment with a Guided School Matchmaking Tool Computer Science Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) 2021–22
Addressing Investment Casting Bottlenecks Using Additively Manufactured Solutions Engineering Meggitt 2021–22
Image Similarity in PowerPoint Designer Computer Science Microsoft 2021–22
Optical Precision Timing Device for Space Applications Engineering Millennium Space Systems 2021–22
Drones with Software-Defined Radios Engineering/Physics MIT Lincoln Labs 2021–22
Stationary Energy Storage using Battery Packs from Electric Vehicles Engineering Motiv Power Systems 2021–22
Comparison of Sterilization Alternatives for a Sample Return Mission Engineering NASA/JPL 2021–22
Corner Case Indoor Perception Engineering Project Heimdall 2021–22
Defending NLP Models Against Adversarial Attacks Computer Science Proofpoint Inc. 2021–22
Data Replication for High Performance Distributed Systems Computer Science Pure Storage 2021–22
Feat: A Domain-Specific Language Computer Science Quantcast 2021–22
Early Anomaly Detection in Marketing Data Computer Science Rockerbox 2021–22
Automatic Annotations of Media Streams Computer Science Samba TV 2021–22
Measuring the Permittivity of Ferroelectric Nanoparticles in an Injection Molded Polymer Composite Engineering Sandia National Labs 2021–22
webFish: Cloud-Based Spatial Genomics Visualization Computer Science Schmidt Academy and Cai Lab (Caltech) 2021–22
Catching Uncareful Code: Static Analysis of (Arbitrary) Data Queries Computer Science ServiceNow 2021–22
Online Shopping in VR Computer Science Shopify, Inc. 2021–22
Querying and Visualizing Single-cell Data Computer Science Single Cell Research Initiative at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) 2021–22
Neural Decision Processors for Smart Home Applications Engineering Syntiant 2021–22