Classroom Recording (Mediasite Lecture Capture)

Service Description

CIS uses the Mediasite lecture capture system to record audio and video of the instructor as well as screen capture of whatever is projected to the display. The classroom recordings are usually distributed through our course management system, Sakai. We have 6 classrooms that are set up to automatically do lecture capture: Shanahan 1430 (Lecture Hall), Shanahan B480 (Recital Hall), B460, 2450, 2454, and 2460. We also have a mobile recorder that can be used to record individual classes or events in other rooms. Lecture capture can also be used to record candidate talks, seminars, and other events.

Other features of Mediasite lecture capture include the ability to embed questions in a recording, quickly locate specific sections of a recording by searching text on slides, and a flexible player layout.


Available to faculty and staff at HMC.

How to Access the Service

Faculty can request lecture capture recording by using our AV Request Form or by sending an email to CIS can schedule automated recording of every class session or individual class meetings. Staff can also request lecture capture recording of training sessions or other events. The recordings are automatically uploaded to the Mediasite hosted site and are generally made available through a link in a Sakai site. Faculty who are requesting lecture capture recording of every class session should coordinate with the Registrar to make sure their class is scheduled to meet in one of our lecture capture-ready classrooms (Shanahan 1430 (Lecture Hall), Shanahan B480 (Recital Hall), B460, 2450, 2454, and 2460).

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