Chemistry Outstanding Alumni Awards

The Harvey Mudd College Alumni Association Board of Governors (AABoG) selected these chemistry majors to receive the Outstanding Alumni Award for their significant contributions to developments in the science and technology fields.

2017/Fred Brander ’73
2017/Craig Niederberger ’82
2016/Jennifer Holmgren ’81
2015/Andrew Lees ’76
2014/Kenneth J. Livak ’74
2014/Tyrel M. McQueen ’04
2013/Michael Sailor ’83
2011/Ann McDermott ’81
2010/Phillip D. Szuromi ’80
2007/Frank Cummings ’62
2003/Don Murphy ’68
2003/Gerald R. Van Hecke ’61

Lifetime Recognition Award

The Lifetime Recognition Award honors outstanding dedication to Harvey Mudd College over many years.

2016/Gerald R. Van Van Hecke ’61
2013/Sally Siemak ’72

Order of the Wart

“Warts” are the square, protruding cement blocks that decorate most HMC building facades, and they hold special meaning for alumni. This award recognizes a job well done and is awarded to those who have made significant contributions to the alumni of Harvey Mudd College.

1988/Donald Gross ’61
1988/Jennifer Holladay ’79