Chemistry Electives

Anticipated Chemistry Electives in 2019/2020
Fall 2019 Course Number Course Title
Chem 042 HM* Non-linearity, irreversibility, and surprises; the fundamentals of global climate change
Chem 130 KS Inorganic Synthesis
Chem 166 HM Industrial Chemistry
Chem 175 PO Medicinal Chemistry
Chem 189 HM Topics in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Chem 192 HM Materials Science of Energy Conversion & Storage
Spring 2020 Course Number Course Title
Chem 112 PO Analysis of Scientific Literature: Demystifying the Approach and Science
Chem 180 PO Advanced Biochemistry
Chem 180 KS Applied Molecular Evolution

*frosh/soph-friendly; will not count as an in-depth course for the HMC Chemistry major.