Summer Research 2012

Undergraduate chemistry majors and underclassmen strongly considering a major in chemistry were invited to participate in the Summer Research program of 2012, funded by the NSF. This summer program ran for 10 weeks under the direction of Professor Karl Haushalter. We have students conducting research, learning about the chemistry profession, and honing their presentation skills. They also will participate in a variety of social activities.

HMC Chemistry Summer Researchsummer
Kogi Food Truck Event





Quakes Game/Rancho Cucamonga


Professor Haushalter Lab KH12
Left to Right:  , Christian Stevens ’14, ChemBio Assistant Anna Lee, Fang-Chu Lin (UCLA ’14), Bryan Visser ’13, Devon Stork ’15, Laura Haushalter, and Professor Haushalter.

Fang-Chu Lin ’14 (UCLA) : “Change the Sequence of tRNA-shRNAs in a Triple Chimera Construct
Cleo Stannard’15 :
Christian Stevens ’14: “Inhibition of HIV-1 Replication by a tRNA-TAR Decoy Chimera
Devon Stork ’15: “Post-cleavage Decay of tRNA to Decrease Therapy Toxicity
Bryan Visser ’13:  “In Vitro Reconstitution of tRNase Z Activity on tRNA-shRNA Hairpins

Professor Hawkins Lab
Left to Right:  Amanda Lemire ’15, Katherine Muller ’14, Professor Hawkins, Benjamin Johnson ’15, Lydia Jahl ’14, Hannah Allen ’14 (Reed)

Hannah Allen ’14 (Reed) and Lydia Jahl ’14:  “Absorptivity of Amine-aldehyde Seconardy Organic Aerosols
Benjamin Johnson ’15:  “Light-absorbing Soluble Organic Aerosol in Los Angeles
Amanda Lemire ’15 and Katherine Muller ’14: “Characterization of Synthetic and Atmospheric Aerosol Particles by Atomic Force Microscopy

Professor Vosburg Lab
Left to Right, Row 1:  Eva Gao ’14,   Julia Lee ’14, Mika Nakashige (Williams ’13), Emily Yu (UCLA ’14), Row 2 Standing: Katie Hilleke ’13, Cory Evans-Klock ’13, Professor Vosburg, Brian Fielder ’14, and Bethany Okada ’13

Cory Evans-Klock ’13: “Syntheses of Davanoids for Antifungal Screens”
Brian Fielder ’14: “Optimizing the Synthesis of (+)- Artemone”
Eva Gao ’14 and Mika Nagashige ’13 (Williams):”Towards a Total Synthesis of Erythrophloin C
Katie Hilleke ’13 and Emily Yu ’14 (UCLA):”Towards a Total Synthesis of Beilschmiedic Acid C
Julia Lee ’14 and Bethany Okada ’13: “Towards a Total Synthesis of Endiandramide A”

Professor Karukstis and Professor Van Hecke Joint Labs
Bradley Nakamura ’14 (Xavier) and Nagiko Hara ’12: “New Library of 2, 7-Disubstituted Fluorenes”
Marie Kirkegaard ’15: “Binary Phase Diagrams of Surfactants in 1-n-butyl-3-methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate”
Ji Su Lee ’15: “Sunset Yellow FCF: a Study of Chromatic Molecular Aggregation”
Morgan Luckey ’14: “Formaldehyde Detection using Liquid Crystals”
Annalise Nunn ’14 (NAS) and Kelsey Jindra ’15: “The Liquid Crystal Properties of Cobalt Stearate
Scott Rayermann ’13:  “A New Chromonic Lyotropic Liquid Crystal
Emma Van Burns ’13: “Binary Phase Diagram of Xanthene-9-carboxylic Acid
Christopher Zazueta ’14: “Characterization of the Aqueous Liquid Crystalline Phase Behavior of Green Surfactants

Professor Bill Daub Lab
Maya Johnson ’14, Diana Mar ’14, and Mark Mann ’14: “Heavy Metal Detection in Soil and Leafy Greens

Professor Hal Van Ryswyk Lab
Edward Ruan ’13:  “Constructing a Freshman Nanomaterials Lab Course
Sejal Shah “14 and Greg Sauer ’14 (Binghamton): “A Homologous Series of Zinc Porphyrin Dyes for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Employing Zinc Oxide Nanotube Photoanodes