Alumni News 2012

Haley Ham ’12 is working at Counsyl, which is a genetic testing start-up in San Francisco.  She is a production scientist in a lab.  Her job is to analyze saliva samples from patients to see if their children will have genetic disorders.

Millie Fung ’11 landed a full-time position as a Process Development Associate in the Formulations department of the Infectious Disease Research Institute in Seattle.  She works with vaccine adjuvants, which are suppose to improve immune response, as well as reduce the amount of antigen needed.  Millie’s main responsibility is to monitor the stability of the different formulations over time.

Laura Poindexter ’11 has accepted a place with an AmeriCorps program in Chicago.

Jonathan Litz ’09 and Maggie Weber ’09 coauthored the following article:

Amanda Hickman ’07 has taken a position as Senior R&D scientist at UOP in Chicago.

This past November, Kevin Esvelt ’04 recently married Kitri Bui (Scripps), defended his thesis, and was appointed a Technology Development Fellow at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard.

Kaiden McQueen, son of Courtney and Tyrel (both 2004) is growing up.

Eric Toberer ’02, Assistant Professor in Physics at the Colorado School of Mines, was co-appointed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Kevin Meagher ’95 was promoted to European Sales Director at Henkel.  He is based in Cologne, Germany.

Keith Kuwata ’91 and wife are thrilled to announce the birth of Lydia Mara Kuwata this past November.

Maurice Clifton ’85 is currently the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA.  He reports that this is a new medical school with the first class set to graduate in 2013.

Currently working as a process supervisor in Pfizer’s Groton, CT kilo lab, Steven Hoagland ’81 makes a weekly commute to Cornwall NY where his family is still living until his daughter finishes high school. Steven’s son is in his second year at Berklee College of Music in Boston and is majoring in film scoring.  Steven is able to attend many of his son’s vocal performances.

Ed Chejlava ’79
 is an OpenSource Software Engineer.  He started at Palm in November 2010 and worked on the much demonstrated Touch-2-Share feature.