Internship Dialogues

September 27, 2013

The Office of Career Services offered a new program this fall called Internship Dialogues.

The dialogues brought together 17 students who volunteered to share their summer 2013 internship experiences with over 33 Mudd students on two different dates in September.

Intership Dialogues volunteers, Sept, 27, 2013On Friday, September 13, the following students served as panelists:  Sis Cheng ’15, Opto22; Priya Donti ’15, Google; Dustin Kane ’16, Layer by Layer; Vincent Fiorentini ’16, Yammer; Eli Gadd ’15, Proofpoint; Vanessa Ronan ’15, Originate; Ariel Willey ’15, Southern California Edison; Helen Woodward ’15, ICIMS; and Lin Yang ’16, Exploration Summer Program.

Internship Dialogues Volunteers, Sept. 24, 2013On Tuesday, September 24, the panel included: Rohitashwa Bagaria ’14, Nearwoo; Nick Carter ’15, Cyan, Inc.; Jiri Hladis ’15, Lam Research; Julia Lee ’14, Gilead Sciences-Medicinal Chemistry; Jack Ma ’14, Amazon; Meg O’Keefe ’14, Spot Trading; Devon Stork ’15, Rice University-Institute of Bio and Bioengineering; Alice Zhang ’14, Medtronic Diabetes.

Students were asked how they found their internships and how long it took from getting an interview to receiving an offer. Some shared information about the different types of interviews they had, which ranged from a phone screening to being flown up for site interviews. They were also asked what they learned during their internships and what they liked and didn’t like about the position. Others discussed how their experiences validated or dissuaded their decision to pursue employment or graduate school after graduation. The attendees asked great questions, e.g., was training provided, would they intern at the same company, did Mudd adequately prepare them, and how early should they start applying?