2018–2019 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Campaign

Participation GoalParticipation to Date

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Campaign!

Just about 60% of Mudd students participated, and nearly $12,950 was raised to directly support students in need of financial assistance for additional mental health services.**

Congratulations to Linde (92%), East (86%) and North (79%) for achieving the top three highest dorm participation percentages, and to the Class of 2021 for having the highest percent of class participation at 70%!

A special thank you to those alumni, parents and other HMC community members who contributed over $9,000 collectively to the campaign.

**An individual student may use up to $250.00 per academic year. These funds are accessible by presenting reimbursable receipts to the Dean of Students Office in the Platt Campus Center.

Date: February 6–22, 2019
Campaign Priority: Subsidizing Specialized Student Mental Health Services

What could funds raised for this priority contribute to?

  • For every $1,000 raised, the fund towards specialized individual mental health service interventions could provide either:
    • 6 out-of-pocket sessions with a specialized provider (not a general therapist practitioner).
    • 50 therapy copays for students with insurance who cannot afford the $20 per session copay.
    • 50 medication copays for students with insurance who cannot afford the $20 per copay.
    • 50 transportation subsidies of up to $20 for students who have insurance but cannot afford the transportation to their in-network providers.
    • 1 expensive psychoeducational test that is used to diagnose ADHD/ADD.
  • The fund can also be used to reduce fees/cost for community resources for students who do not have mental health coverage or are worried about their parents’ knowledge of them seeking help.

The copays specified here are those from the SHIP health plan used by many Harvey Mudd students. For students not using SHIP, the cost of the copay may differ.

Specialized Mental Health services can cost around $150-175 per hour. This fund may cover all or some portion of this depending on the needs of the student involved. Currently, HMC funds counselors to be on campus 30 hours a week (via ARC Counseling). These services are available to students free of charge and are a supplement to the services available to students at Monsour. However, availability and wait times have been concerns since these hours are booked and there is a long waitlist. This fund is meant to supplement the resources already available to Harvey Mudd students, meeting the needs that are not met by other offerings like the ARC hours.

Note: In past years, when a similar priority has been chosen, the fund has been fully utilized.

Participation Goals

The overall Harvey Mudd student participation goal is 55 percent.

Dorm Participation Contest: The top three dorms who reach the highest percent participation in the campaign will receive funding* toward dorm community building and/or wellness initiatives.

*Funding for these prizes is generously provided by the Alumni Association Board of Governors (AABOG).

ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee

  • Kanishk Tantia ’19 (Co-Director)
  • Kyle Grace ’21 (Co-Director)
  • Gabe Bessler ’20
  • Piper Langer Weida ’21
  • Lindsay Popowski ’21
  • Natalia Hernandez ’22

Dorm Philanthropy Representatives

  • Atwood Dorm – Emily Cao ’20 & Sienna Guerrero ’21
  • Case Dorm – Chris Thompson ’21
  • Drinkward Dorm – Lindsay Popowski ’21
  • East Dorm – Piper Langer Weida ’21
  • Linde Dorm – Leana Yearwood ’19 & Kyle Grace ’21
  • North Dorm –
  • Sontag Dorm –
  • South Dorm –
  • West Dorm – Holly Frank ’20