2019–2020 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Campaign

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Campaign.

Over 60% of Mudd students participated, and $16,751 was raised to directly support preventative services relating to mental health.

Congratulations to West (88.75%), Linde (80.60%) and North (66.67%) for achieving the top three highest dorm participation percentages, and to the Class of 2022 for having the highest percent of class participation at 72.15%!

A special thank you to those alumni, parents and other HMC community members who contributed over $14,600 collectively to the campaign.

Date: February 14–28, 2020
Campaign Priority: Preventative Services Related to Mental Health

What could funds raised for this priority contribute to?

  • Trips off-campus for outdoor activities or to places that may improve mental well-being (e.g., art museums, botanical gardens, etc.)
  • A biweekly yoga class at the LAC
  • A semesterly cooking/nutrition class to promote healthy eating habits
  • A weekly or semesterly painting class

Participation Goals

The overall Harvey Mudd student participation goal is 60 percent.

Dorm Participation Contest: The top three dorms who reach the highest percent participation in the campaign will receive funding* toward dorm community building and/or wellness initiatives.

*Funding for these prizes is generously provided by the Alumni Association Board of Governors (AABOG).

ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee

  • Henley Sartin ’22 (co-director)
  • Jenny Lee ’22 (co-director)
  • Mariesa Teo ’22 (co-director)
  • Eve Kazarian ’22
  • Tona Gonzalez ’22
  • Natalia Hernandez ’22
  • Emme McMullen ’23
  • Josephine Adams ’23
  • Katie Wu ’23
  • Kyle Grace ’21

Dorm Philanthropy Representatives

  • Atwood Dorm – Ava Fascetti ’23
  • Case Dorm – Keizo Morgan ’22 and Santiago Rodriguez ’22
  • Drinkward Dorm – Alexandra Loumidis ’22
  • East Dorm – Anneka Noe ’22
  • Linde Dorm – Sasha Bridger ’21
  • North Dorm – Nandini Garg ’23
  • Sontag Dorm – Tona Gonzalez ’22
  • South Dorm – Eve Kazarian ’22
  • West Dorm – Henley Sartin ’22