2017–2018 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Campaign

Participation GoalParticipation to Date

Thank you for supporting the 2017–2018 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Campaign!

The meaningful support of over 53 percent of HMC students, along with other members of the HMC and CUC communities, raised nearly $7,000 to bring a wellness vending machine to campus, install a Claremont Card reader and stock it with necessary wellness items.

Congratulations to Linde, East and West who led the dorms in participation rates, with 96.2, 80.9, and 66.3 percent participation! And congratulations to the Class of 2021 who was the class with the highest participation at 62.2 percent!

Date: February 7–21, 2018
Campaign Priority: Adding a Wellness Vending Machine on campus

What will funds raised for this priority contribute to?

  • $1,000 could be used to purchase a used vending machine
  • $2,000 could be used to purchase a new vending machine rather than a used one, significantly reducing costs for repair and maintenance and allowing for an operational vending machine to arrive in a sooner amount of time
  • An additional $1,500 would be used to install a Blackboard card reader, allowing students to use Claremont Cash (and necessary so money used for Plan B would not pass through student hands)
  • Additional funds will be used to stock the vending machine
    • $60 will by 20 tubes of toothpaste
    • $25 will by 20 bars of soap
    • $15 will buy 20 travel packs of tissues
    • $80 will buy 20 12-pack of condoms
    • $100 will buy 20 10-pack of dental dams
    • $20 will buy 20 bottles of lube

The HMC Advocates, in partnership with the Office of Health and Wellness, will organize the installation of this wellness vending machine, based off a similar vending machine in the Wellness Room at Pomona Collage. This machine would contain a variety of items related to physical health and wellness. Student Health Services will provide subsidized Plan B* pills. Funds raised by the SPC will go towards the start-up costs of the vending machine and associated Claremont Cash reader, and excess funds will go toward the purchase of items that will be offered from the vending machine (e.g. toothpaste, soap, tissues, condoms, dental dams, lube, etc.). These items will be sold at a highly subsidized cost. A variety of informational wellness pamphlets will also be available on the outside of the vending machine. In the long-run, the HMC Advocates will maintain the machine. The location of this machine will likely be on the second floor of the Linde Activities Center (LAC), which will have 24-hour access by the time of the vending machine’s installation.

*Note: Emergency contraception pills potentially supplied in this vending machine are not abortifacients; rather, they stop a pregnancy before it starts. Plan B One-Step, for example, contains levonorgestrel, the same hormone used in birth control pills, which stops the release of an egg from the ovary.

Participation Goals

The overall Harvey Mudd student participation goal is 50 percent.

Dorm Participation Contest: The top three dorms who reach the highest percent participation in the campaign will receive funding* toward dorm community building and/or wellness initiatives.

*Funding for these prizes is generously provided by the Alumni Association Board of Governors (AABOG).

ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee

  • Marissa Lee’18 (Co-Director)
  • Aaron Ong ’19 (Co-Director)
  • Anji Malpani ’18
  • Fanrui Sha ’19
  • Kanishk Tantia ’19
  • Julia Wang ’20
  • Piper Langer Weida ’21

Dorm Philanthropy Representatives

  • Atwood Dorm – Nancy Cao ’21 & Martha Gao ’21
  • Case Dorm – Rachel Soh ’21
  • Drinkward Dorm – Kaitlyn Eng ’19
  • East Dorm – Caleb Norfleet ’21 & Elizabeth Hedenberg ’21
  • Linde Dorm – Leana Yearwood ’19 & Lorenzo Calvano ’21
  • North Dorm – Peyton Witte ’21
  • Sontag Dorm – Ramita Kondepudi ’18 & Anna Barth ’21
  • South Dorm –
  • West Dorm – Katie Erickson ’19

Volunteer with SPC!

Complete the sign-up form if you would like to volunteer to help with the Student Philanthropy Campaign. Volunteers will help with tabling, reaching out to your dorm and/or class, and collecting gifts to support the campaign.