2014–2015 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Campaign

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014–2015 Student Philanthropy Campaign.

The campaign was a success and the gift to the Fund for Student Attendance at Academic Conferences will be able to impact a number of students seeking learning opportunities at conferences next year.

47.4 percent of students made a gift to this year’s campaign setting a new record.

Congratulations to Linde (62.5 percent), North (61.2 percent), Case (57.1 percent) and South (56.9 percent) for exceeding the dorm goal of reaching 55 percent participation.

2014–2015 Student Philanthropy Campaign Priority

Fund for Student Attendance at Academic Conferences

After a campus-wide election to choose the student philanthropy campaign priority, Professor Haushalter, the associate dean of research and experiential learning, and the ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee will proceed with the creation of a fund to send more students to academic conferences and scientific meetings.

  • Every $500-$1,000 raised allows a student to attend an academic conference, with a target goal of a $5,000 gift.
  • All funds will support partial or full conference attendance for students.

Currently, students may apply to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty for funding to travel to conferences. These funds are either $500 for domestic or $1,000 for international conferences. The student must be traveling with a faculty member to a scientific meeting and must present their work as a poster or oral presentation. Harvey Mudd College sends 30 to 40 students to conferences every year. The College received $20,000 annually to support student conference attendance and an additional $5,000 will provide more students with the opportunity to present their work at conferences across the globe.

This fund will also promote undergraduate research at Harvey Mudd College, which is a unique aspect of the undergraduate experience that needs continuous support.

Student Philanthropy Campaign Dates

The 2014–2015 Student Philanthropy Campaign will take place March 25 through April 3.

Participation Goals

Every dorm will exceed 55 percent participation.

2014–2015 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee

  • Lucy Kaye ’17
  • Lillian Liang ’18

2014–2015 Dorm Philanthropy Representatives

  • Atwood Dorm – Anji Malpani ‘18
  • Case Dorm – Carla Becker ‘18
  • East Dorm – Jessica De La Fuente ’17, Jacob Roth ’18
  • Linde Dorm – Kelly McConnell ’17, Rilke Griffin ‘18
  • North Dorm – Crystal Hsu ‘15
  • Sontag Dorm – Sophie Graf ‘17
  • South Dorm – Hamzah Khan ‘18
  • West Dorm – Lucy Kaye ‘17
  • Off Campus – TBD

Email AskAdvancement@hmc.edu if you have questions about the Student Philanthropy Campaign.