2015–2016 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Campaign

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s ASHMC Student Philanthropy Campaign, an all student fundraising drive that is now in its fourth year.

The 2015–2016 campaign ended on a successful note, with 43 percent student participation and $4,512 raised, which will directly support students in need of financial assistance for mental health services.

Congratulations to Linde and North for exceeding the dorm goal of reaching 60 percent participation in honor of Harvey Mudd College’s 60th Anniversary.

2015–2016 Student Philanthropy Campaign Priority: Subsidizing Mental Health Services

After a campus-wide election to choose the student philanthropy campaign priority, the ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee will proceed with the creation of a fund to subsidize student mental health services.

For every $1,000 raised, approximately 50 Harvey Mudd students in need of financial assistance to cover co-pays for visits with mental health providers will receive support from this fund on a first come, first served basis.

The fund can also be used to reduce fees/costs for community resources for students who do not have mental health coverage or are worried about their parents knowledge of them seeking help, transportation costs to or from providers, and/or co-pays for medication.

This campaign idea was generated by the ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee when doing outreach to students for campaign priority ideas. Recognizing strong interest to support students with mental health needs, the Committee reached out to Dean Q and the Office of Health and Wellness (OHW) for guidance on how a fund could be most helpful.

Recent data across the country supports the need for making mental health services affordable and attainable. According to the National College Health Assessment Data, a few statistics show that Harvey Mudd students felt the following ways at least once in the last 12 months: 41.9 percent were so depressed it was difficult to function, and 59.5 percent reported overwhelming anxiety.

The fund will be an expendable account. Once the funds are exhausted, the account will be closed. Usage of the fund will be approved by a member of the OHW team (Dean Q or Michelle Harrison). The identity of users will be kept private. However, a report of the expenditures of the fund will be given to ASHMC once funds are exhausted.

Student Philanthropy Campaign Dates

The 2015–2016 Student Philanthropy Campaign will take place January 25 through February 5.

Participation Goals

Every dorm will exceed 60 percent participation in celebration of Harvey Mudd College’s 60th Anniversary.

2015–2016 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee

  • Manu Kondapi ’18
  • Nisha Maheshwari ’19
  • Matthew Wilber ’16

2015–2016 Dorm Philanthropy Representatives

  • Atwood Dorm – Lucy Kaye ’17, Felipe Borja ’19
  • Case Dorm – Kayla Yamada ’19
  • Drinkward Dorm – Simone Griffith ’19
  • East Dorm – Zoe Tucker ’17
  • Linde Dorm – Manu Kondapi ’18, Rilke Griffin ’18
  • North Dorm – Nisha Maheshwari ’19, Richard Liu ’18
  • Sontag Dorm – David Olumese ’19, Mohammad Bakhiet ’19
  • South Dorm – Izzy Lee ’16
  • West Dorm – Matt Wilber ’16

Email annualgiving@hmc.edu if you have questions about the Student Philanthropy Campaign.