Student Philanthropy Campaign

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2013–2014 Student Philanthropy Campaign! The campaign exceeded its goal with 45.5 percent of students making a gift to the Summer Experiential Learning Fund.

We are currently in the early stages of planning for the 2014–2015 Student Philanthropy Campaign. Updates will be made to this website as information becomes available.

Student Philanthropy Campaign Dates

The 2014–2015 Student Philanthropy Campaign will take place March 25 through April 3.

Participation Goals

To be determined.

2014–2015 ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee

  • Lucy Kaye ’17
  • Lilian Liang ’18
  • Matt Wilber ’16

2014–2015 Dorm Philanthropy Representatives

The Student Philanthropy Committee is recruiting volunteers to serve as dorm reps! Please email a member of the committee if you are interested.

Email if you have questions about the Student Philanthropy Campaign.

2014–2015 Student Philanthropy Campaign Priority

Voting for the 2014–2015 Student Philanthropy Campaign is now underway as part of the ASHMC ballot. Below you can read the details of the four student-suggested initiatives being considered for this year’s campaign.

1. Fund for Increased Student Attendance at Academic Conferences Proposal

Proposed Investment Opportunities for the Student Philanthropy Campaign:

  • Every $500-$1,000 raised allows a student to attend an academic conference, with a target goal of a $5,000 gift.
  • All funds will fully or partially contribute to sending additional students to conferences.

Professor Haushalter, the Associate Dean of Research and Experiential Learning, and the ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee discussed the idea of creating a fund that will send more students to academic conferences and scientific meetings. Currently, students can apply to the Dean of Faculty’s Office for funding to travel to conferences. These funds are either $500 for domestic or $1,000 for international conferences. The student must be traveling with a faculty member to a scientific meeting, and the student must present the work as a poster or oral presentation. Harvey Mudd College sends between 30 to 40 students every year to conferences. The College is given a $20,000 yearly fund for this cause, but an additional $5,000 fund will allow for additional students to have the opportunity to present their work at conferences across the globe.

This fund will promote undergraduate research at Harvey Mudd College, which is a unique aspect of the college that needs continuous support.

2. Scholarship for Study Abroad Proposal

Proposed Investment Opportunities for the Student Philanthropy Campaign:

  • A gift up to $4,000 will provide one scholarship to a student participating in a summer or semester abroad program.
  • A gift between $4,000 and $8,000 will contribute to two study abroad scholarships.
  • Any additional amounts raised over $8,000 will be allocated at the discretion of the Study Abroad Office.

Rhonda Chiles, the Director of Study Abroad, and the ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee discussed the idea of creating a scholarship that will financially support students participating in a summer or semester abroad. The funds will cover personal expenses, such as application fees, visa fees and local travel. Ideally the student will reflect on how this scholarship allowed for personal growth and share their experience with donors.

3. Powersol Umbrellas

Proposed Investment Opportunities for the Student Philanthropy Campaign:

  • A $2,000 gift will purchase one ZON solar-powered umbrella charging station and its installation and maintenance costs.
  • A $4,000 gift will purchase two solar-powered umbrellas and $5,500 will purchase three.
  • Any additional amounts raised will be directed to the Annual Mudd Fundd

The ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee approached Theresa Lauer, Senior Director of Operations in the Facilities & Maintenance Department, about her recent contribution to Mudd in the form of a solar-powered umbrella charging station. The weatherproof umbrella includes solar panels and charging towers with recyclable lithium ion batteries that can power up to 3 devices at the speed of a wall socket. When compared to the cost of installing outdoor outlets, the installation and maintenance of an umbrella is inexpensive. ASHMC Student Philanthropy Committee seeks funds to purchase more of these umbrellas with the hope of increasing Mudd’s use of renewable energy sources and creating a more sustainable environment at Mudd. (

4. Summer Experiential Learning Proposal

Proposed Investment Opportunities for the Student Philanthropy Campaign:

  • A $7,000 donation will support a student’s summer research or engagement experience with a stipend plus supplies and related expenses.
  • Any additional amounts raised over $7,000 will help support faculty stipends to help compensate for time spent mentoring students.

To better ensure access to an extended, formal experience of faculty-mentored research or supervised involvement in a community-based service project, the College seeks additional funding for these purposes as part of The Campaign for Harvey Mudd College.

Historically, the most important source of funding for experiential learning has been the National Science Foundation, with private foundations also providing significant grants for the summer research program and community engagement. Gifts from individual donors, either through endowments or annual gifts, are an increasingly important source of funding for summer research because they are not restricted to specific projects, and they can help fill in the gaps between student interest and the funding on hand.

Professor Haushalter will select the student recipient.

Summer Research Facts

  • In each of the past three summers more than 200 Harvey Mudd students participated in summer research.
  • Nearly 40 percent of all summer research opportunities are funded through outside foundation/grant support.