Julie Chang is on a mission…

to blend art and science

Photo: Julie ChangJulie Chang ’16 is an accomplished pianist who’s performed in places like the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The engineering major was nonetheless honored to be included in the inaugural concert in Harvey Mudd College’s Drinkward Recital Hall.

“It was exciting to be able to express my love and passion for music with an enthusiastic campus audience for the first time,” said Chang. “There are many serious musicians on campus, and the new recital hall acknowledges and showcases their musical talents. It signifies that Harvey Mudd takes the arts as seriously as it does science and engineering.”

The hall’s physical form impresses her as much as its symbolic meaning. Chang said, “The size and layout make it perfect for an intimate performance with a relatively large crowd. The new space is also great because of the way sound travels. The acoustics are amazing, which makes me want to perform there again and again. I feel the space allowed me to express my thoughts through the music in the fullest way possible.”

The piano has been an important part of Chang’s life for nearly 16 years, and she plans to continue playing even as she focuses on chemical engineering.

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