Endowment Giving

Through Harvey Mudd College’s endowment, donors can provide permanent support for programs of their choice. Each year, approximately 20–25 percent of the College’s operating budget is derived from the endowment, providing an ongoing revenue stream to support current activities while also preserving the endowment’s value for future generations. Programs funded by distributions from the College’s endowment include scholarships, professorships, fellowships, prizes and support for research and experiential learning.

For Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2018

Total Return: 10.4 Percent

The total return is down from 13.3 percent in the previous year and compares with Standard & Poor’s 500 index return of 14.4 percent, the BBG Barclays Aggregate Bond index return of -0.4 percent and the MSCI EAFE index return of 6.8 percent.

Market Value: $316.8 Million

The endowment’s market value is the equivalent of $377,611 per student.

Endowment Investment Strategy

Endowment funds are pooled and invested in a globally diversified portfolio across a variety of asset classes. Investments are made with the goal of maintaining the purchasing power of endowment gifts over the long term while providing a steady and predictable stream of funds to be spent in accordance with the terms set forth by the donor.

Endowment Policy

HMC will follow policies approved by the Board of Trustees that ensure appropriate prudence in investment of and spending from the Endowment in order to comply with the provisions of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA) and any subsequent revisions to the Act. This may include, for example, continued spending from the Endowment in the event that the market value of the Endowment falls below its original gift value.