Endowment Giving

Through Harvey Mudd College’s endowment, donors can provide permanent support for programs of their choice. Each year, approximately 20-25 percent of the College’s operating budget is derived from the endowment, providing an ongoing revenue stream to support current activities while also preserving the endowment’s value for future generations. Programs supported by the College’s endowment distributions include scholarships, professorships, fellowships, prizes and support for research and experiential learning opportunities.

For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013

Chart: Endowment Market Value from 6.30.2009 through 6.30.2013Total Return: 11.02 Percent

The total return is up from -3.6 percent in the previous year and compares with Standard & Poor’s 500 index return of 20.6 percent, the Barclays Aggregate Bond index return of -0.7 percent and the MSCI EAFE index return of 18.6 percent.

Market Value: $241 Million

The endowment’s market value is the equivalent of $308,795 per student.