Annual Giving

Harvey Mudd students must be prepared to engage the world by applying their knowledge to real-world problems. They need opportunities to develop and practice their abilities to collect and synthesize information, analyze complex problems, explore learning outside of the classroom, develop new ideas, and communicate clearly. Harvey Mudd graduates generations of thoughtful problem solvers, and your gift goes directly to the next generation.

Where the Money Goes

Image: Operating Expenses Chart

Annual Mudd Fundd

Gifts to the Annual Mudd Fund provide on average 10 percent of Harvey Mudd College’s annual budget and support every student, professor, program and department on campus. These gifts fund a portion of the College’s current priorities including financial aid, faculty and academic program support, experiential learning and others. These annual gifts enhance a Harvey Mudd education in innumerable ways, enabling the College to do more for each student than it could possibly do if it were funded by the tuition alone. Every gift counts.

Sources of Giving

Image: Sources of Giving

Participation Really Matters

  1. Gifts of $500 or less from alumni, parents brought in $232,638 last year.
  2. In FY12/13 HMC received $2.7 million in foundation support. A quarter of those foundations required Harvey Mudd College to report alumni giving participation as part of the application process.
  3. Alumni support helps students access a Harvey Mudd education and allows our admissions process to remain need-blind. Roughly 21 percent of total revenue is allocated to student scholarship.
  4. More students are able to take part in experiential learning opportunities, a necessity for staying competitive in today’s job market, because alumni give back.
  5. Harvey Mudd is a leader in STEM education and needs the support of its alumni each year to continue growing and improving.
  6. The cost per undergraduate student—approximately $71,125—is 35 percent more than the $46,234 cost of tuition. Therefore, all students, even those paying full tuition, receive a hidden scholarship, provided in large measure by alumni gifts.