Hannah and Dustin are on a mission…

to search for new solutions to today’s challenges

Photo: Hannah Groshon and Dustin Zubke

Hannah Groshong ’13 and Dustin Zubke ’13

Watson Fellows Hannah Groshong ’13 and Dustin Zubke ’13 chose to use their 2013–2014 awards to gain a perspective on special needs inclusion and the solar industry.

Inspired by her younger sister, Bailey, who has Down Syndrome, Groshong is studying how different societies support individuals with special needs. Her project includes travel to Germany, Japan and Jordan.

“The reality of the conditions for people with special needs in Jordan has necessitated a mindset adjustment. The questions I asked in Japan aren’t applicable here,” wrote Groshong in her blog about her fellowship year. “I want to bring to light some of the challenges different entities face as the [U.S.] works toward advancement in this area and also highlight some of the interesting and courageous things people are doing despite these challenges.”

Zubke believes solar power can compete successfully with fossil fuels as a key energy source. To gain support for this position, he is studying projects in Germany, Spain, Australia, China and India. He hopes to synthesize each country’s best practices into a model solar industry.

“My goal is to prevent or reduce one million metric tons of CO2 emissions before I turn 25. I know it is a bit crazy, but that’s kind of the point,” Zubke wrote, in his blog chronicling his fellowship year.

After his fellowship year, Zubke plans to work in the solar industry, potentially with a global firm.

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