Demetri Monovoukas is on a mission…

to engineer new patient care solutions

Demetri Monovoukas ’15Demetri Monovoukas ’15 won the 2013 Henry R. Kravis Award for a proposed electronic Life Patch that measures and relays body temperature data.

The patch would eliminate the need for frequent checks with a conventional thermometer on young, ill or elderly patients. “Maybe a continuously monitoring temperature patch isn’t going to change the world, but it’s a step in the right direction,” said Monovoukas. “I want to try my best to use my engineering skills to make a difference in the world.”

His latest invention, a wound-measurement device that will help guide the treatment of pressure ulcers in diabetic, bed-ridden and elderly patients, was developed with support from the Shanahan Endowed Student-Directed Project Fund. The pen-shaped WoundStylus traces the outer perimeter of an ulcer and transmits and displays the measurement.

“A paper ruler is the most widely accepted measurement device in use right now. The ulcer is modeled as a rectangle to get a rough area perimeter, but the method is almost 50 percent inaccurate,” Monovoukas said. “So, inexpensive and inaccurate is the industry standard. I wanted to do better.”

Strategic Vision Theme I: Innovation, Leadership and Impact