David Lingenbrink is on a mission…

to gain a global perspective on mathematics

David LingenbrinkDavid Lingenbrink ’14 studied math abroad at the Independent University of Moscow as Harvey Mudd’s first Math in Moscow scholarship recipient. The program gave him the opportunity to explore mathematics taught in the Russian tradition, which emphasizes problem solving rather than memorizing theorems.

Lingenbrink stayed in a student hostel in Moscow and traveled by train to the university. The experience opened his eyes to a markedly different culture. “Living in Russia was foreign and cold and lonely and crazy, but I feel like I exited a better person than I was when I entered,” wrote Lingenbrink in a blog about his experience. “I feel like a much more full, competent person because I spent so much time away.”

Back at Harvey Mudd, Lingenbrink studied voting theory research with fellow math major Sam Gutekunst ’14 and Michael Orrison, professor of mathematics. The work involved examining positional voting systems—where points are assigned to candidates based upon a voter’s first, second or third choice—and determining what type of voting systems would emerge by computing the “average” of all positional systems.

Lingenbrink plans to pursue graduate studies in either mathematics or operations research.

Strategic Vision Theme V: Global Engagement and Informed Contributions to Society