Christian Stevens is on a mission…

to discover the next cure

Christian Stevens '14A former professional hockey player, Christian Stevens ’14 applied the academic scholarship he earned while playing for the Ontario Hockey League to an education at Harvey Mudd. His pursuit of a joint biology and chemistry major soon led to research in both disciplines. His work has been recognized with a prestigious, multi-year Beckman Scholarship.

He built a pressure sensor system for a “biomechanics of walking” bioengineering project, which required challenging, hands-on lessons in electrical engineering and computer science. He also worked on a research project in the lab of chemistry and biology Professor Karl Haushalter, exploring potential gene therapy approaches to treating HIV.

“I always had a deep interest in virology, and to have a professor at a small school doing real work on HIV was unbelievable,” Stevens said. “In his lab, I found what I want to do for the rest of my life: molecular biology research.”

At Harvey Mudd, Stevens has served as a campus tour guide, dorm proctor, Science Bus tutor and board of trustees student liaison on the Student Affairs Committee. His spare time is spent playing basketball, volleyball and, of course, hockey.

Strategic Vision Theme I: Innovation, Leadership and Impact