From the Chair

Photo: Wayne DrinkwardI attended Harvey Mudd in the 1970s and can recall both the challenging and the rewarding times. My engineering education provided me with one trait I use extensively as president and CEO of Hoffman Construction: persistence.

Through their tenacity and courage, our founders created a dynamic Harvey Mudd College. Our presidents have built upon this strong foundation, rallying support and establishing new initiatives. Harvey Mudd trustees have managed College affairs with care, ensuring the careful planning and necessary resources needed to ensure excellence. Faculty devote themselves to the students and provide remarkable teaching, mentoring and research opportunities. Alumni find myriad ways to improve this world and to give back in their communities and on campus.

I’m proud to have been able to help oversee the planning and construction of the R. Michael Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning. It was a dream of mine to return as a professional to work on a project at my alma mater, and it was a pleasure for Julie and me to personally invest in this beautiful facility.

The College’s ambitious aspirations are possible only with the support and generosity of donors and friends who are committed to the success of Harvey Mudd College. Gifts and pledges have sustained us from our humble beginnings. We’re on a mission to build our reputation for excellence and to adapt to the needs of a changing world. There is no question this nation needs more students preparing for and graduating from the STEM disciplines. And we need donors to support these students at Harvey Mudd College, the leader in educating innovative, socially responsible and passionate problem-solvers.

Let’s continue to ensure Harvey Mudd remains one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation. Join me in this important effort, and support The Campaign for Harvey Mudd College.

Wayne Drinkward ’73
Chair, Harvey Mudd College Board of Trustees
Chair, Campaign Steering Committee