Strategic Vision Theme III

Invest in Excellence and Diversity.

We strive

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We strive for excellence and diversity at Harvey Mudd. Our students, who are in the nation’s top two percent academically, could go to any college or university in the world. Yet they’ve chosen a small liberal arts college, where skateboards and unicycles coexist with robotics and multivariable calculus. From our earliest days, we’ve attracted students of extraordinary ability. We enroll more National Merit Scholars than nearly any other U.S. undergraduate college, and the median SAT scores of our entering students are in the top five percent in the nation.

Our faculty members, many of whom have established national and international reputations in their fields, continue to excel and garner awards and honors. A number are recipients of National Science Foundation CAREER Awards and Dreyfus Awards, and others hold prestigious posts on national boards or organizations and receive recognition for teaching excellence.

Because we believe excellence and diversity go hand in hand, we are committed to continuing the programs we’ve developed in recent years to significantly increase the diversity of our community while maintaining our commitment to unsurpassed excellence in all that we do. We believe that only when there is a diversity of voices at the table—people with unique and varied backgrounds and life experiences—can we truly begin to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

We achieve

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We have achieved much over the last decade (and we’ve attracted considerable attention for our efforts) in increasing the percentage of women students in computer science (from 10 percent in 2005 to 34 percent in 2013). We’re also on track to graduate our first female-majority engineering class in 2014. Our enrollment of students from underrepresented groups also nearly doubled in 2013–2014 due largely to an aggressive recruitment program led by our faculty.

We have increased the number of women faculty to 36 percent overall, with the engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics and computer science departments being nearly one-third female, while biology and humanities, social sciences and the arts are one-half female. This places Harvey Mudd at the top of institutions with leading undergraduate programs in these areas. We are still working to significantly improve our diversity with respect to race and ethnic backgrounds among trustees, faculty, staff and students.

We’ve added opportunities for students from underrepresented groups to engage in supportive experiences through programs like our Summer Institute, where we invite students to campus the summer before orientation to get a jumpstart on their coursework, participate in community engagement opportunities and build a sense of connection to the College and to their classmates. We succeed because we are a collaborative, not competitive, community. At Harvey Mudd, that means each person—whether faculty, staff or student—believes in creating a community dedicated to ensuring the success of others. In this way, we provide the best possible living and learning experience for our students.