Strategic Vision Theme VI

Invest in Infrastructure Improvement to Support Excellence and Build Community.

We focus

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Julie Chang is on a mission…
to blend art and science
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WE FOCUS OUR EFFORTS to provide a robust infrastructure through creative planning and community discussion. Innovative and flexible solutions are needed to meet today’s challenges and to serve the needs of the College far into the future. Achieving and sustaining excellence and innovation in education and research requires modern facilities, technical staff, equipment and information technology infrastructure.

The most recent addition to our campus and a key campaign priority, the R. Michael Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning has provided flexible and creative spaces for classroom and extracurricular activities. The Shanahan Center has transformed the way our community interacts, offering a unique blend of collaborative, interdisciplinary space.

The Engineering E4 Design Studio provides ample space for students to work together in teams or individually to explore complex problems. These types of collaborative workspaces allow Harvey Mudd students to focus on unique challenges and bring their creativity and passions to bear in solving complex problems.

We create

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Travis Beckman is on a mission…
to improve lives through design
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CREATING SPACE TO ADVANCE our mission remains a critical priority for the College as we embark on The Campaign for Harvey Mudd College. With the College’s decision to gradually add to the size of its student body over the next 10 years, we will require an additional academic building as part of the existing Olin complex as well as renovations to the existing Jacobs-Keck complex. With the opening of the Shanahan Center, Harvey Mudd is exploring creative and innovative uses for space vacated in the Galileo lecture halls and in Parsons. The Parsons vacancy has allowed the Department of Engineering to begin development of new spaces for the Clinic Program, providing greater security for project teamwork as well as additional options for collaboration.

The College faces a shortage of on-campus housing, which will be addressed through the funding and construction of a new dormitory as well as the planning of another. Not only will new dorms provide space for all students to live on campus, but also they will provide greater flexibility when existing dormitories require renovation.

We are creative in the use of existing space and resources. Since its founding, Harvey Mudd College has remained adaptable to the changing demands of industry and the evolving interests of its faculty and students. As we continue to assess our space needs, we will ensure the College continues to meet the ever-changing needs of offering a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary and hands-on STEM education.