Strategic Vision Theme I

Invest in Innovation, Leadership and Impact.

We inspire

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Christian Stevens is on a mission…
to discover the next cure
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OUR FACULTY INSPIRE STUDENTS. They thrive on teaching. Not just in the classroom or lab (although, that’s critical), but also in other significant ways. Whether meeting a student after class to answer a question or over coffee in The Café, discussing summer research possibilities, Harvey Mudd faculty inspire their students to think in unconventional ways about their education.

Teaching undergraduates is all we do here. The passion for knowledge is high, and the ratio of students to faculty is low.  There’s an excitement and a common work ethic that’s apparent in student-faculty research, conference presentations, professional journal entries and advising (both formal and informal). Our faculty members are not just teaching science, engineering, mathematics and  humanities—they are mentoring future colleagues.

They do this through individualized education—ensuring that each student receives as much of their attention as possible. There are no graduate teaching assistants nor inconvenient office hours. This is education as it was meant to be—one faculty mentor engaging in one-on-one development of a student learner. And it happens here every day.

We innovate

Photo: Demetri Monovoukas

Demetri Monovoukas
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WE ARE INNOVATORS in helping students understand the connections among the different disciplines. Founding President Joseph Platt, a research physicist, and the first faculty member, J. Arthur Campbell, a noted chemistry educator, merged their strengths to create a unique vision of learning science and engineering through actual practice and through the integration of the humanities, social sciences and the arts.

At most colleges and universities, the core curriculum provides a basic sampling of the arts and humanities before students enter their respective major. At Harvey Mudd the Common Core curriculum forms a required, academic immersion in mathematics, physics, chemistry, writing, biology, computer science and engineering.

Our students grapple with real-world problems through individual and group research projects across all disciplines and through team-based approaches in our Clinic Program (We created the model more than 50 years ago that’s used today by many engineering schools.).

For many Harvey Mudd students, the intense academic exercise offered here sparks a lifelong love for a previously unconsidered field, helps them lead diverse teams from many varied disciplines or provides them with the flexibility to change careers over time.