Sus Showcase

April 23, 2021 Add to Calendar

11:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m.


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ASMC Sustainability


ASHMC Sustainability invites you to hear from the following students about their sustainability-related research, projects and internships!

  • James Lucassen - website to calculate climate impact of foods
  • South Gate CEHAT Clinic team - community air quality education and air quality data analysis
  • Skylar Gering - addition of carbon tracking to climate model
  • Mee Panyar Clinic team - models for anomaly detection of solar panels in Myanmar
  • Yoni Maltsman - research on photosynthesis with Lawrence Berkeley Lab
  • Net Zero Clinic team - trying to get Mudd to net zero
  • Erik Meike - automating hydroponics, energy and environmental monitoring
  • Arctic Ice Clinic team - model dispersion of HGMs to increase reflectivity of arctic ice