Summer Seminar: “Rethinking Microscopy with the Computer in the Loop”

July 2, 2020 Add to Calendar

11 a.m.–12 p.m.




Imaging systems have existed for several millennia but have remained relatively unchanged over that time span. The basic configuration of a lens or set of lenses used to map a scene onto an imaging plane remains the standard architecture for the vast majority of imaging devices today. However, recent advances in digital sensing technology, algorithm design and computing capability have created new opportunities to rethink imaging systems. These advances offer particularly compelling avenues for innovation in the field of microscopy where control over both illumination and collection is easily accessible.

In this talk, Brake will give an overview of some recent work in the field of computational imaging and microscopy, and explore how computational imaging offers a unique opportunity for reinforcing and integrating engineering concepts in domains outside the traditional engineering curriculum. He will also discuss some current projects his group is working on, including building low-cost, portable microscope systems with Fourier Ptychography, imaging through scattering media using speckle patterns, and imaging with scotch-tape lenses.


Joshua Brake is an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering at Harvey Mudd College. He completed his B.S. and M.S. in engineering with an electrical concentration at LeTourneau University in 2014 and received his PhD in electrical engineering from Caltech in 2019. His research interests include imaging through scattering media, computational imaging and engineering education.

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