Summer Seminar– “Making Molecules: The Greener, the Better”

July 17, 2020 Add to Calendar

11 a.m.–12 p.m.



Most of the medicines, perfumes and flavoring agents we encounter every day are organic molecules. Organic chemists in academia and industry are increasingly seeking more sustainable approaches to making molecules that reduce hazards and waste. This is also a major focus of the Green Chemistry Commitment, which Harvey Mudd signed in 2019. This talk will note some of the virtues of green chemistry and share several examples developed at HMC in the chemistry department and the Vosburg lab.

Bio: David Vosburg is professor of chemistry at Harvey Mudd College. He conducts research on the preparation of medicinal compounds and the use of environmentally friendly methods in organic chemistry. He uses a variety of synthetic methods to construct complex molecular architectures. He has published extensively in organic synthesis, natural product biosynthesis, and chemical education. Before becoming a faculty member at HMC, Vosburg performed research in organic synthesis at The Scripps Research Institute and in natural product biosynthesis at Harvard Medical School. He has also partnered with The BioLogos Foundation and The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion to study the compatibility of science and religion.

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