Nelson Series– “Data Science: Purpose and Impact,” Kjersten Moody

October 4, 2018 Add to Calendar

7–8 p.m.


Shanahan Center, Auditorium
320 E. Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA 91711


Office of Stewardship and Events
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Dr. Bruce J. Nelson '74 Distinguished Speaker Series: Your Life in the Data Age: Powerful or Powerless?

Kjersten Moody

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, State Farm

“Data Science: Purpose and Impact”

Business has always used data. Today, however, with the at-scale introduction of big data technology and the emerging field of data science, organizations have at their fingertips new capabilities with the potential to deliver powerfully disruptive insights and results.

Moody will provide examples of businesses that are harnessing the power of data science and will explore how data science can be used to fulfill an organization’s purpose and mission. She’ll address what it means to be a purpose-driven organization; how to embed data science into the structure and culture of a business; and how to embrace the use of data science in the context of heightened national privacy and ethics concerns.

Moody joined State Farm in July 2017 as vice president and chief data & analytics officer in Bloomington, Illinois. Previously, Moody led Data & Analytics and IT groups at global companies, such as FICO (Braun), Thomson Reuters and Unilever. She has a record of delivering tangible, positive business results and a depth of experience in scaling operations, planning/executing mission-critical business initiatives and achieving profitability objectives. Moody is a graduate of the University of Chicago. She is a member of the board of Harvey Mudd College.

About the Nelson Series

The data age has arrived. Information from website clicks, weather sensors, fitness devices, personal genomics, criminal activity and more is collected, stored and shared at a faster rate than ever before. Accompanying the surge of data is the rise of data science: the use of analytical and computational models and tools to derive meaning from data and to inform decision-making. To what extent are we more powerful or otherwise powerless amid this sea of data? The 2018 Nelson Series highlights the omnipresence of data science and its accompanying challenges.