Mudd Talks– “Self-Publishing for Fun and (Maybe) Profit”

December 3, 2020 Add to Calendar

5–6 p.m.



In 2020, it is easier to self-publish a piece of writing than it is to drive to Kinko's, make a bunch of copies and mail them to your audience. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction or your audience is three people or 300 million, self-publishing is a tool that any Mudder can use to effectively communicate with the world. Kyle Roesler '89 will look at the history of self-publishing, describe how to get started on the self-publishing journey and provide some idea about what to expect once you have published your masterpiece. So far, Roesler has self-published six novels and a collection of short fiction, including Novel Coronavirus in July 2020.

This event is open to everyone. Students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and prospective students are welcome to join.

Kyle Roesler '09 (math) has been writing fiction since he was a kid. He can remember sitting at the dining room table when he was still in single digits and trying to get spelling tips from his parents for a story about their pet poodle; they sent him to go get the dictionary instead. He took an extra course in high school focused on creative writing with the goal of publishing short fiction in a magazine. That goal was not met, but he enjoyed the focus on plotting and crafting stories for an hour every weekday. He first used the pseudonym "Mary Jane" when he was a first-year at Harvey Mudd and wrote a weekly column for theThe Muddraker. Roesler initially published novels using this pseudonym, but it in 2017 and rebranded his early novels using his real name, Kyle G. Roesler.

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