Mudd Talks: “Just Culture: Management Lessons from the Aviation Industry”

January 20, 2022 Add to Calendar

12–1 p.m.



"Just Culture" is one of the most important elements of aviation safety. Many decades ago, the industry recognized that learning from mistakes is far more important than punishing the person who did something wrong. If people are afraid of not being treated fairly (justly) when they make a mistake, they'll sweep problems under the rug, and we'll miss out on important opportunities to improve the system. Temesvary will introduce the concept, discuss how it's applied on the flight deck and in air traffic control, and will tell some personal "trials and tribulations" stories about implementing Just Culture in an airport environment. He will also give examples of how the Just Culture concept can be applied in any industry.

This event is open to everyone. Students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni are welcome to join.

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Peter Temesvary '89 (engineering) is the safety manager of the Budapest International Airport. He is a Bates alum and an instrument-rated private pilot. After HMC, and following an M.S. in environmental engineering from Cornell, he began his career in soil and groundwater remediation. Over the years, he gradually transitioned to the safety side of environment and health, with an increasing focus on human error and safety culture. Having started flying as a small boy with his father, and being an aviation enthusiast all his life, he jumped at the opportunity to merge his personal and professional interests working at a major international airport.