Mudd Talks– “Keeping Yourself and Your Organization Cybersecure During COVID-19”

November 4, 2020 Add to Calendar

5–6 p.m.



Working from home during the pandemic has created a strange, chaotic environment for our organizations and our families. As we all learn to work remotely, we must also think about keeping ourselves, our teams and our families cybersecure.

Did you know that the most common way malicious actors do damage is through fake emails and websites that unsuspecting people click on? Technology won't keep us secure enough—our behaviors will. Managers think training will drive appropriate behaviors, since it teaches everyone what they should do, but research shows training is not enough. In this session, Pearlson will share her work with MIT Sloan School’s research group, discuss some of the current ways malicious actors are trying to steal money and company data and infiltrate our systems, and actions you can take to change behaviors of those around you.

This event is open to everyone. Students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and prospective students are welcome to join.

Keri Pearlson is the executive director of the research group Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS). Pearlson has held positions in academia and industry including Babson College, Univeristy of Texas at Austin, Gartner’s Research Board, Hughes Aircraft Company and AT&T. She studies topics at the intersection of management information systems, business strategy and organizational design. Her current research projects focus on how organizations build a culture of cybersecurity, how to manage the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of AI/ML systems and how organizations build trust to share mitigations for cyber breaches. She’s the lead author of the MIT textbook Managing and Using Information: A Strategic Approach, 7th edition (published January 2020) and co-author of Zero Time: Providing Instant Customer Value. She has written dozens of papers and case studies, many of which included ground-breaking work that has influenced how managers and leaders think about and manage information. Pearlson holds a doctorate in business administration in MIS from Harvard Business School, a master's in industrial engineering and a bachelor's in mathematics from Stanford University and was a member of the Harvey Mudd College class of 1979.

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