Mudd Talks– “CX: Using Empathy and Analytics to Build Experiences That Delight”

January 13, 2021 Add to Calendar

5–6 p.m.



Speakers: Jackie Olmos-Lym '13, strategy consultant at Wells Fargo, and Rebecca Streitz '13, release manager at Medallia

Where customers once had six options, they now have 26—just look at the jam aisle at your local grocery store. With heightened competition, Customer Experience (CX) is increasingly important. Gathering feedback directly from customers provides a unique opportunity to create products that delight. Learn about the best practices for listening to customers and the data techniques used to transform raw customer feedback into great ideas. Whether you work on a small team, run a large business or are designing an internal tool or a rocket ship, understanding and applying the principles of customer experience can benefit you.

This event is open to everyone. Students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and prospective students are welcome to join.

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Jackie Olmos-Lym ’13 (engineering) is a San Francisco based strategist most energized by projects at the intersection of strategy, analytics and technology innovation. Olmos-Lym is a vice president in customer excellence at Wells Fargo. Previously, she has held roles in corporate strategy at Wells Fargo and in the early stage technology practice at Silicon Valley Bank.

Rebecca Streitz ’13 (engineering) is a release manager overseeing software development and operations at Medallia, the market leader in experience management. She has worked directly with Medallia's clients as a member of the professional services team, implementing software solutions in close collaboration with the clients to address their specific business needs. Prior to Medallia, she worked with Bain & Company as an associate consultant.