Michael E. Moody Lecture: “Network Architectures Supporting Learnability,” Danielle S. Bassett

March 26, 2020 Add to Calendar

7–9 p.m.


Shanahan Center, Auditorium
320 E. Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA 91711


Danielle S. Bassett is a physicist and systems neuroscientist who was the youngest individual to be awarded a 2014 MacArthur fellowship. She was also awarded a 2014 Sloan fellowship. Bassett is the J. Peter Skirkanich Professor of Bioengineering and Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, where she applies network science to the study of learning in the human brain in addition to the study of other complex physical and biological systems.

Bassett's group studies biological, physical and social systems by using and developing tools from network science and complex systems theory. Their broad goal is to isolate problems at the intersection of basic science, engineering and clinical medicine that can be tackled using systems-level approaches. Recent examples include predicting the extent of learning from human brain networks, resolving the evolution of the neuronal synapse via genetic interaction networks, determining bulk material properties from mesoscale force networks and isolating individual drivers of collective social behavior during evacuations. In these contexts, they seek to develop new mathematical methods for the principled characterization of temporally dynamic, spatially embedded and multiscale networked systems, with the goal of predicting system behavior and designing perturbations to affect a specific outcome.

A current focal interest of the group lies in network neuroscience. They develop analytic tools to probe the hard-wired pathways and transient communication patterns inside of the brain in an effort to identify organizational principles, to develop novel diagnostics of disease and to design personalized therapeutics for rehabilitation and treatment of brain injury, neurological disease and psychiatric disorders.

Light refreshments immediately follow the talk in Thomas-Garret Plaza.