Hixon Center: Eco-Engage Sustainability Dialogue Series– “Before the Flood” Film Screening

September 13, 2017 Add to Calendar

7–9 p.m.


The Eco-Engage Sustainability Dialogue series is an opportunity to engage with fellow students, faculty and staff across The Claremont Colleges about sustainability. The aim of the series is to encourage a shift from critical thinking to action on environmental issues.

The first event of this series is a film screening of "Before the Flood," from National Geographic, which discusses the threats of climate change, and the progression of action leading up to the Paris Climate Agreement.

The film will be followed up by a brief discussion about the film and its messaging as well as about climate change and what obstacles lie ahead in addressing the issue. The event will be held in the Hixon Center, first floor, Sprague Center at Harvey Mudd College.

To learn more about the "Eco-Engage" Sustainability Dialogue Series, visit: https://www.hmc.edu/hcsed/2017/09/05/hixon-center-launch-eco-engage-sustainability-dialogue-series/