BioMakerspace Talk Series: Ecology of Lizards in Southern California

March 5, 2021 Add to Calendar

5–6 p.m.


Tom Fu


Stephen Adolph, the Stuart Mudd Professor of Biology at Harvey Mudd College, will discuss his research on the ecology of lizards in Southern California. He will describe the ecology of some of our local lizard species (and maybe a few snakes), including some of the research projects that he and his students have worked on. Such projects include studies of locomotion, habitat use, thermal biology and the effects of climate on population dynamics and geographic distributions.

Detailed descriptions of the this and other talks can be found in the RSVP form.

RSVP by 4 p.m. on March 5. For HMC students, note that talks in this series can count toward Biology and MCB Colloquium requirements.