BioMakerspace Talk Series 03– “Antibiotics from Ants: Molecular Defenses from Specialized Insect Microbiomes”

April 9, 2021 Add to Calendar

2–3 p.m.


Tom Fu


Ethan Van Arnam, an assistant professor of chemistry at the Keck Science Department of The Claremont Colleges, will discuss his research on the antibiotics from specialized insect microbiomes. Defensive symbioses are ecological partnerships built around a type of pharmaceutical exchange between a host animal and symbiotic microbes producing antibiotics or other defensive molecules. Toward the aims of antibiotic discovery and contextualizing ecological antibiotic use, his lab has characterized the molecular defenses from symbiotic bacteria associated with North American Trachymyrmex fungus-growing ants. Van Arnam will describe the antibiotics his lab has recovered so far from this system and how bacteria acquire and produce these molecules.

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RSVP by 1 p.m. on April 9. For HMC students, note that talks in this series can count toward Biology Colloquium requirements.