Chi Herrington, Business Affairs Coordinator, is HMC’s notary public. For questions or to make an appointment, please contact Chi via email at or phone at 909.607.2889.

To facilitate notarizations, please be aware of the following conditions:

  • Notarizations will be done for HMC community members only (HMC staff, faculty, students and their spouses or domestic partners).
  • Notarizations will be performed by pre-arranged appointment in Chi’s office in Kingston Hall. There is no charge to the HMC community.

Notarizations require presentation of acceptable, original, identification (I.D. must be current or issued within the past five years and contain the signer’s photo, physical description, signature and identifying number) and the documents must meet all legal requirements. For example, incomplete documents and documents that do not appear to be valid cannot be notarized.