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The Last Spring Break

Hello all! It’s been awhile. I have to profess I let senioritis get to me a bit on top of […]

Pumping Mudd’s Artbeat

HMC is buzzing with excitement as we are in the midst of spring break and getting ready to release decisions […]

RD Admission Decisions Available FRIDAY!

Admission decisions for Regular Decision applicants will be available Friday, March 20th after 5:00pm PST. Please access your HMC Applicant Status […]


Even though Mudd students have incredibly busy schedules, we still have the time to relax, spend time with friends, and take a […]

5C Focus: The Motley

With all the classes, work, and events on campus, sometimes it’s easy to get off Mudd and explore the other […]

It’s hammer time!

Welcome to the world of E4, also known as Introduction to Engineering Design and Manufacturing. For anyone who wants to […]

Club Events

Harvey Mudd has a lot of clubs. These range from official organizations like the Society for Women Engineers (SWE) to […]


No lights in our room after sundown for 3 weeks: my roommate, Marissa, and I decided that we would take […]

Mathematical/Computational Biology

One of the most interesting classes I am taking this semester is MCB. Molecular and Cell Biology? No, not exactly—the […]