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Muddy Mudd Midterms

March 2, 2018

Hey everybody. Spring break is in just over a week for us here at Mudd, and that means one big thing: midterms (or finals if you’re in a half semester course). And I’ve gotta say, the weather has done a lot to match the mood the last few weeks! Chipper Californians have become bitter, bundled […]

PowerDown with ESW Moss!

February 22, 2018

Hey guys! This week I sat down with Kayla Yamada, a member of ESW/MOSS (Mudd’s environmental club), who is helping put on PowerDown, a sustainability event here at the 5C’s, to learn more about what PowerDown is and how ESW/MOSS does sustainability work on campus. So first, what is PowerDown? PowerDown is a 5C competition […]

The Couch Controversy

February 5, 2018

Red tinted close up of a new couch.

Hey guys! This week I’m talking about a topic that’s really hot here on campus right now. Couches. As Mudd’s largest common space, the Platt living room is a space well known to any Mudder. During the lunch hours and at night, Platt is packed with students studying, working together, relaxing between classes, or taking […]

Faculty Hobby Spotlight

November 29, 2017

Hey guys! I think all of us know from our time as students, past and present, that sometimes it can be easy to forget that outside of school our teachers and professors live ordinary, if not extraordinary lives. I’ve been fascinated at Mudd hearing about some of the hobbies and passions that professors here pursue […]

SCAMFest 2017: My Time with the 9th Street Hooligans

November 20, 2017

Hi guys! Izzy back with another blog. Keeping in a bit of tradition, I’m gonna talk to y’all about my experiences with a capella, which is one of the primary structured things that I do for fun. I’ve written about a capella two other times, once before I was involved, and once right after my […]

HvZ: Surviving the Workload/Apocalypse

October 25, 2017

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be talking about Humans vs Zombies, a 5C game that happens once every semester, spanning the course of a week. The premise of Humans vs Zombies is fairly simple- there are two teams, Humans and Zombies, indicated by bandanas (around the head or neck for zombies, around the upper […]

Decompression Sessions

October 11, 2017

Hey guys! First blog for me so far this year. Coming into my Junior year has been really hectic, and pretty stressful. A lot of Mudders feel similarly, especially around the time of the career fair, when people have to think about interviews and job applications. It’s a lot to take! However, I’ve talked before […]

Game Design at Scripps

October 7, 2017

Hey guys! Although in general we try to blog about the general Mudd experience, you know, classes lots of Mudders take, big open events, things like that, occasionally I like to talk about some more specific to myself, and what I do at Mudd! I’ve talked about this a few times in my blogs, but […]

Shakespeare: Theater at Mudd

April 24, 2017

Hi everybody! Today I’m going to talk to you about one of the classes that I’m taking this semester at Mudd, Shakespeare! Shakespeare is a bit of an anomaly here at Mudd, because half of the class is readings chosen based on some theme, and the latter half is students putting on a play, chosen […]

The All-New Galileo

April 7, 2017

Hey guys! A while back I did a post that was a tour of the Libra complex, the underground part of Mudd’s academic end. However, I had to leave out a major part, Galileo Hall! Galileo is Mudd’s oldest lecture hall, composed of three joinable lecture rooms, Pryne, McAlister, and Edwards. Over the years it’s […]