Meet the Social Media Interns: Ana B. Studart

Hello, prospective Mudders!

I hope you are having a great or at least not-that-stressful week as this college application cycle approaches its end (don’t stress- Regular Decision is still months away).

I’m Ana B. Studart, I’m currently a freshman at Mudd and an intern of the Office of Admission. I’m from Brazil, more specifically from Fortaleza – a city in the Northeast of Brazil far from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo – and one of the questions I hear the most when I talk about where I am from is: how did you even find out about Mudd?

Mudd was a recommendation of a friend of a friend, and now I hope I can be the friend that is introducing it to you! After opening infinite tabs on Mudd’s website, I got interested in Mudd’s math department, and especially in the Mathematical and Computational Biology major. It just seemed the perfect way to combine my interest in Mathematics and my will in contributing to the healthcare field, so I applied and here I am!

After a gap year and with the experience of half a semester at Mudd, I don’t have a precise idea of what my major will be anymore, but I discovered many more aspects that are making my time here pretty enjoyable! Two of my favorite ones are the professors and how the Honor Code allows us to access HMC’s facilities almost 24/7.

Although the workload isn’t always easy to manage, I enjoy my classes and haven’t felt bored in a single class so far. I attribute this to the fact that the teachers are very good. Not only because they are highly skilled, but also because Mudd’s small, undergraduate-focused style brings together a faculty who are truly focused on teaching.

For example, it’s easier to understand calculus after Professor Su asks us to pretend to be vectors or learn how to prove concepts mathematically when our first problem is proving that not all dogs in the world are brown.

Another thing I like about Mudd is how easily we can access classrooms and other facilities. I like to change my study points frequently and I am always finding a new quiet, comfortable, and cool place to study.