Meet the Social Media Interns: Laney Goldman

Hi! My name is Laney Goldman, and I am a freshman here at Mudd. I am also a social media intern for the admissions office, and I am primarily responsible for the Harvey Mudd College Admission TikTok account! In my freetime, I love to hike, dance, and of course — waste my life watching TikTok. While I am not sure what I want to major in, I am highly considering a math-physics joint major (theoretical physics is just too cool).

When I was applying to colleges, I was set on pursuing STEM, but I also wanted to attend a liberal arts college. I simply googled “stem liberal arts colleges,” and Harvey Mudd College was the first thing to pop up! While I had heard of Mudd before (mostly through my mom’s work friends), I never really knew what the school was all about.

Two students stack a very large number of cups together

A slice of Harvey Mudd prank culture at the Hoch. Photo credit: Laney Goldman

I started browsing the website, and the more I read, the more excited I got about Mudd. I was particularly drawn to the tight knit and collaborative community, as my high school had a very competitive academic environment. At Mudd, freshmen take the same core classes and professors strongly encourage collaboration, so most of us work together on homework assignments. Classes are also on the credit/no credit system the first semester of freshman year to reduce academic pressure.

By the time I had found out about Harvey Mudd College, there were no opportunities to visit due to the pandemic. However, I had read enough from the website to know it was the school for me. I applied Early Decision, and fortunately, I have found that Mudd is just as advertised!

Surprisingly, I have also found that the food at the Hoch (our dining hall) is really good. There is almost always an option to make a custom dish, where you can choose your own ingredients and the chefs will cook it right in front of you. My personal favorite is the “Hoch Wok,” where you get to choose which meat and veggies you want to be pan fried with noodles in a sauce of your choice. Other fan favorites are the macaroni and cheese bar and the beef pho. Honestly, the best part of my day is sitting down for dinner to eat good food with good company.