[Y HMC?] with Shifa Somji

For this [Y HMC?] post, we are talking to Shifa Somji! She first heard about Mudd as a sophomore in high school, when a senior at her school was admitted to Mudd and chose to attend. That put it on her radar, but it wasn’t until she visited Mudd that she knew for sure that she wanted to come here. There was a sense of belonging and of being around people who were like her at Mudd that she says she didn’t get anywhere else she visited. Shifa describes it as feeling “at home” at Mudd already.

A headshot of Shifa in front of a tree.

Photo credit: Shifa

Now a sophomore, Shifa is a computer science major who also serves as the secretary for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), project manager for Women of the Association of Computing Machinery (WACM), and treasurer of Desi Crew. SWE hosts dinners with engineering professors, panels with professionals (one last year was on the experiences of women in computer science and engineering at Lyft), and a mentorship program for first years focused on offering support and guidance for navigating Mudd and finding a career. WACM hosts similar events, including career prep workshops and events with computer science professors, but centered on opportunities in computer science instead of engineering. It is also a 5C club, meaning it’s open to anyone from the undergraduate Claremont Colleges. Desi Crew is a club that hosts everything from movie nights to dinners to parties celebrating South Asian culture.

Shifa’s favorite Mudd memory comes from her first semester at Mudd, when she would study with other freshmen in her dorm after class in the dorm lounge, then all get dinner together afterwards. Her advice to students currently going through the college process is to talk to current students and professors, making sure that you are interacting with a wide variety of people at the school instead of just a few. She also recommends making sure you know exactly what you are looking for in a college!