[Y HMC?] with Maya Abo Dominguez

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For this [Y HMC?], we are talking to Maya Abo Dominguez, a junior computer science major at Mudd. She first heard about Mudd from a high school friend, who applied (and attended) as part of the class of 2020. The choice to come to Mudd was a collection of different things. One was the collaborative nature and community part of Mudd. She visited campus as a part of her college search process, and was struck with the sense of community that she found.

Headshot of Maya with plants in the background

Maya on the third floor of Shanahan! Photo Credit: Maya

Another large factor in Maya’s decision was the Core and HSA (humanities, social sciences and art) requirements. Mudd has a strong emphasis on broadening your knowledge, meaning every Mudder has to take at least ten HSA courses (in at least five disciplines) and the Core, which among other things includes at least one class in every department on campus. That focus on breadth and diversification of knowledge really appealed to Maya.

Now at Mudd, Maya is a computer science major involved in several clubs. She plays with the orchestra and is also the co-head of APISPAM (Asian Pacific Islander Sponsor Program at Mudd), which is a mentor program for first year and transfer students who identify as API. They assign students mentors who help students adjust to Mudd and provide support. Maya is also president of soap club, a group that gets together to make soap by hand (inspired by the core chemistry class, where students learn all about the chemical processes that go into making soap).

During this year of virtual college, Maya says that she has realized that her favorite Mudd activities are the ones that she is missing now, including randomly running into people she knows on campus and just casually hanging out with friends. To high school students still working through the college admissions process, she recommends always looking at schools with the mindset of what you want, not what other people want for you.