Podding: Moving In

Last week, I wrote a blog post about the planning process for setting up a pod. This past week, we actually moved in! Due to Covid-19 and the need to quarantine for 14 days after moving for safety, the three of us staggered our arrivals so our families didn’t come into contact.

Since I live in Springfield and had both less distance to travel and more to move, I got to go first. Monday morning, I moved in with the furniture. We got lucky on this part, because my parents had a lot of older and unused stuff sitting in the basement that we were able to borrow for the semester. Less lucky was the fact that the apartment was on the third floor and no elevator existed. It took a while to move everything.

The back of a moving truck, with a chair, a bedside table, and several boxes visible.

The moving truck with all of the furniture!

Monday evening the next person, Anya, arrived. She drove from Nevada to get here (four days!) with her stuff. We moved her suitcases in, and then started unpacking. Some of the furniture had to be put back together as well. One of the most important rooms to unpack was the kitchen. None of us have a lot of experience cooking, so we figured organization was probably an important place to start.

A kitchen with a stove and microwave. The counters and shelves are empty.

The kitchen before unpacking happened.

A kitchen with a stove and microwave. The counters and shelves are full.

The kitchen after all the food and kitchen appliances were unpacked.

It was especially important that we get everything unpacked because the semester starts next Monday, and we wanted to be fully moved in before that. There won’t be as much free time at that point!

Wednesday evening Hannah, who flew from California, arrived. Now that we were all here, we set up schedules, including for cooking and chores, based off of our class schedules. We also figured out practicalities, like where the trash goes and where mail comes in. It’s very exciting to be moved in, and I’m looking forward to the start of the semester!