HMC Expert: Robert Keller

Computer Science, Intelligent Music Software, Jazz Improvisation, Music, Neural Networks, Programming Languages

Robert Keller, PhD, specializes in intelligent music software, programming languages, neural networks and genetic programming. Keller is an accomplished jazz musician and has developed a music notation software program–dubbed the Improvisation Advisor, or “Impro-Visor”—that allows jazz musicians to compose and listen to improvised solos. The free, open-source software was released in 2006, and Keller’s research team continues to develop it.

Impro-Visor now has a growing user community of more than 7,500 around the world.

Keller also held a position at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for more than ten years, conceiving and participating in developing a language for controlling unmanned space missions that could be used for both programming and model-checking, as well as contributing to other declarative language research efforts. He was also a member of the technical staff at the Aerospace Corporation.

Keller teaches courses on artificial intelligence, neural networks, computability and logic, software development, parallel and real-time computing, databases,  and jazz improvisation.

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