HMC Expert: Ziyad Durón

Civil Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Engineering

Ziyad Durón, PhD, Jude and Eileen Laspa Professor of Engineering, is an expert in the full-scale field testing of large structures, including seismic investigations and earthquake engineering.

Durón has headed more than 20 field tests on a variety of structures, including concrete dams, buildings, bridges and launch vehicles. He is a leader in the development of field-test procedures aimed at identifying response characteristics from low-level vibrations that occur naturally in all structures.

He has also developed highly sensitive instrumentation for monitoring hydrodynamic pressure wave propagation for use in seismic investigations of concrete dams. He has been active in this field since 1985 and continues to be active in earthquake engineering, with a particular emphasis on experimental testing techniques in support of analytical investigations. His work has been funded by national and international organizations, and he serves as a consultant for Southern California Edison, British Columbia Hydro and Power, and California Department of Transportation. His work has been published in Dam Engineering, HydroReview Magazine, Experimental Technique, and the Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics.

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