Experts in Subject: Solar Energy

Nonlinear Optics, Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Solar Energy

Peter Saeta.

Peter Saeta, PhD, researches the limits to absorption enhancement in thin-film solar cells from plasmonics. He has investigated the disordering of semiconductors excited by intense femtosecond laser pulses; the generation and applications of sub-picosecond pulses of far-infrared light, including studies of carrier dynamics in semiconductors and superconductors; profiling optical fiber cores using optical scattering techniques; […]

Chemistry, Low-cost Photovoltaics, Pollution, Solar Energy

Hal Van Ryswyk

Hal Van Ryswyk, PhD, John Stauffer Professor of Chemistry, researches thin film photovoltaics, devices that convert sunlight to electricity. Examples include dye-sensitized solar cells utilizing nanostructured zinc oxide and bulk heterojunction cells constructed by printing or spraying inks made of lead sulfide quantum dots. The goal is to create low-cost photovoltaics that can be produced easily […]