Experts in Subject: Robotics

Autonomous mobile robots, control theory, Engineering, Mapping and localization, Motion planning, Multi-robot systems, Robotics, Underwater robotics

Chris Clark, PhD, focuses his teaching and research on autonomous systems, including underwater robots and other field robotic systems. Clark runs the Lab for Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics (LAIR), which researches multi-robot applications including motion planning, localization, mapping, integration of social systems and control. Clark’s research projects include AUV shark tracking off of Catalina Island, […]

Computer science, Computer vision, CS curriculum, CS outreach, High school CS, Middle school CS, Robotics

Zach Dodds

Zachary Dodds, PhD, Leonard-Johnson-Rae Professor of Computer Science, researches robotic hand/eye coordination and computer vision-based robotics. He is interested in finding the best way to tell a robot what to do and ensure it gets done, using cameras as sensors. When a robot and a human are looking at the same thing, it isn’t obvious […]

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