Experts in Subject: Pollution

Air Pollution, Atmospheric Chemistry, Chemistry, Climate Change, Photochemical Smog, Pollution

Lelia Hawkins

Lelia N. Hawkins, PhD, conducts research in the field of atmospheric chemistry. She studies how atmospheric particles in urban settings (like smog) are transformed as they age, specifically in fog and cloud water. These particles impact the temperature of the earth. Her work is largely concerned with organic compounds in atmospheric particles which (in Los […]

Chemistry, Low-cost Photovoltaics, Pollution, Solar Energy

Hal Van Ryswyk

Hal Van Ryswyk, PhD, John Stauffer Professor of Chemistry, researches thin film photovoltaics, devices that convert sunlight to electricity. Examples include dye-sensitized solar cells utilizing nanostructured zinc oxide and bulk heterojunction cells constructed by printing or spraying inks made of lead sulfide quantum dots. The goal is to create low-cost photovoltaics that can be produced easily […]